The specimens pictured here are just a taste of the specimens we regularly sell. Our stock varies from week to week, and so we decided that putting them all online was just too big an overhead, and our customers were better served by passing on these savings. Please enquire if you have a particular requirement. Our current stock exceeds 2000 specimens and we take a good sample of these to each show we attend. If you require a special piece or particular mineral, then please email or give me a ring on 0419 661 962 and we will endeavour to meet your requirements. 

Occasionally we do have some special pieces or purchase an old collection that DOES warrant that special attention however, and so we do take that extra effort and place them online, to also allow our distant customers to  participate in buying sought after pieces. One such group are specimens from the John and Sandy Roe collection which we travelled to Tasmania to acquire. Listed here are many old timer pieces from this well-known collector couple.

John and Sandy Roe collection


Gorgeous Tasmanian crocoite


Russian cuprite, highly prised by collectors


Perfect gem-quality Pakistan topaz crystal

Tucson USA

Selecting crystal specimens in Tucson, USA


Lustrous Vanadinite from Morocco

Smoky Quartz and Amazonite from Colorado, USA


A slice of etched Russian meteorite

Sorting through flats of minerals in Arizona

500kgs of minerals packed and heading to Australia!

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